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Rooted In Value

Rhizome Partners LP (the “Fund”), a Delaware limited partnership, aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation while limiting the risk of loss. To achieve its investment objective, the Fund will trade and invest primarily in the publicly-traded equity and debt securities of micro- and small-cap issuers, as well as other Financial Instruments as defined in the Fund’s offering memorandum.

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In picking a name, we looked for a symbol that would accurately represent the mission statement of the fund.  We found inspiration in the world of science.  In botany, species such as the quaking aspens and bamboos exhibit a phenomenon whereby a single plant can propagate into an entire forest via horizontal underground roots called rhizomes.  A majestic quaking aspen forest actually once sprouted from a single tree and a vast bamboo forest sprang from a single shoot.  Aspens vigorously re-sprout following wildfire, since the roots are protected from lethal temperatures during a fire.  Rhizomes contribute to these extraordinary characteristics of rapid growth, resilience, and regeneration.  Hence, Rhizome Partners strives to compound a small amount of initial capital into a vast fortune while employing a risk adverse strategy that seeks to be resilient over time.